It is a dust removal mat that can be used repeatedly by adhesion of urethane.
It has a strength to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles unlike conventional products.
The dirt on the mat can be cleaned easily by wiping with water or special detergent.
It does not give any extra garbage and scatter dust because it doesn't peel unlike a conventional mat.
It is economical because it can used for a few years if you place it once.

Characteristics of LIFT-MAT®

1.Perfect for Heavy Weight
It has a low adhesion and high strength for use with indoor forklifts.
It became stronger by using a high strength gel and core material.
It has the strength to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles, and it is difficult to be torn and attached a tire.

2.Remove Dirt from your Tires
It is said that 80% of the contaminant is brought into the clean area from the soles of shoes and wheels.
The adhesive gel fits the unevenness of the tire, and absorb the non visible dirt.
It is adopted in various places such as food factories, food container manufacturing factories, and auto parts factories.

3.Simple Maintenance
LIFT-MAT® is easy to clean.
When the adhesive becomes weak just simply clean the mat.
Please clean the mats with water or our special detergent.
And the adhesive power will return to normal after this routine maintenance.
(Depending on the operating environment and frequency of use.)

lift mat lift mat

Result of "ATP(+AMP) Wipe inspection"

Forklifts run three turns of tire on the mat after running for a minute outdoors.
Then measure the remained pollutant.
The test is done that forklifts run 1000 times traffic for 20 hours.

The number of passing Removal rate of pollutant
first time 99%
1000 times 99%

Required size and indication of use

The length in which the target tires can make three entire turns.
It is possible to use for 1-2 years.(depending on the operating environment and frequency of use)
Correspond to heavy vehicles up to weight og 3-4t, AGV, 2.5t class forklifts.


Not suitable for outdoor use nor at deliverly entrances directly from outside as ultraviolet light and heat will damage the urethane material. We recommend indoor use.

Any objects such as pallets stuck to the mat or tires rotating on it may cause damage.
Please also avoid parking or accelerating lifts on the mat.
Not to be used on uneven surfaces such as concrete floors. Suitable for pained or resin floors.

lift mat


Part Number Color Size(mm)
LIFT3-0906 Front surface:green
Installation surface:blue green
LIFT3-1209 1200×900×3
LIFT3-1812 1800×1200×3
LIFT3-2412 2400×1200×3
LIFT3-3612 3600×1200×3

Custom-sized products are also available.
"LIFT3-2412" and "LIFT3-3612" are build-to-order products, which require longer delivery time.
If you would like to know these price, please contact us.