As society progresses and develops day by day, the needs of our customers also change. We must be sensitive to these changes and constantly evolve as well. We will continue to meet the needs of society and our customers, and create products that are useful to society and satisfy our customers.


Rooted in the community for more than 50 years.
R&D-oriented manufacturer continuing to develop locally.

Exseal was founded in 1963 in Mino City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

We have been developing our own products and markets, from paper product manufacturing to printing, and now aiming to be the No.1 in urethane gel industry.

Society is progressing and developing day by day, and the needs of our customers are changing alongside this progress.That is why we must be sensitive to diverse changes and constantly evolve.
As a research and development-oriented manufacturer contributing to local industries, we will continue to grasp the needs of society and our customers, and create products that are useful to society and can satisfy our customers.



CEOKoei Ohno
FoundationFebruary 1966
Capital Stock30 million Japanese yen
Address277-1, Oyata, Mino City, Gifu prefecture
BusinessesPlanning, development and sales of products using urethane gel, Printing of stickers and labels, Processing of orders for crystal domes
Financial InstitutionsJUROKU Bank Mino Branch
Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Mino Branch


1963Established as a kimono tag manufacturer
1967Established Daiko Shiko Co., Ltd. in Tono-cho, Mino-shi, Gifu Prefecture, as a kimono tag and paper processing business
1983Started seal and printing business
1989Changed the company name to EXSEAL CORPORATION
1991Constructed a new factory at 277-1 Oyada, Mino-city, Gifu to expand seal printing business and relocated the head office
1993Started transparent urethane processing (Crystal Dome)

1994Participated in an exhibition (Premium Incentive Show) for the first time.
1995Started to sell own products (cushioning materials)
2000Established a development department to commercialize urethane gel
2002Installed manufacturing equipment to produce gel sheets
2003First publication of urethane gel product catalog and start of in-house mail-order sales through catalog and internet
2004Started sales of "Fall Prevention Sheet", an anti-earthquake product, and it became a hit product.
2006Gifu Prefectural Police requested us to develop "Footprint Sheet" and we started its sales.
2009DNA collection kit was requested by Aichi Prefectural Police, and sales of the product began.
2010Started sales of law school supplies to police departments nationwide
2011Started sales of "STEPMAT," a clean-up product
2012Succeeded in developing Japan's first "LIFTMAT" for removing dusts from forklift tires and started sales
2015Exhibited at "METALEX" exhibition in Thailand, became a member of ISO/TC272 National Deliberative Committee
2017Company name changed to EXSEAL CO., LTD.
2021New factory built, clean room installed



277-1, Oyada, Mino-city, Gifu JAPAN code: 501-3771 TEL. +81-120-290-872 / FAX. +81-575-35-1590