Better functionality than conventional rubber-based materials

Urethane gel is one of the softest urethane materials and feels like human skin to the touch. In addition to its superb softness, its shock-absorbing and low rebounding characteristics make it effective in absorbing external shocks and in vibration control and anti-vibration.
Urethane gel is applied in other fields such as precision equipment manufacturing, electronics, and automobile manufacturing. Unlike conventional rubber-based materials, it has stronger self-adhesiveness and durability, and is useful for holding parts during transportation.


Product development from a custom-made prototype

We develop new products from scratch utilizing the unique features of urethane gel. We have developed products that meet the needs of society and the field, such as clean mats for indoor heavy vehicles applying self-adhesive properties, and also micro object collection products for the police.
"The products we are using now have no solution to our current problem..."
If you are experiencing any of these problems at your site, please contact us first. We will listen to the detailed nuances of your current situation and needs, then develop a custom-made prototype from a single piece.


High quality is achieved by manufacturing in a clean room

We manufacture transfer cases for precision parts and micro object sampling products for police forensics in a room that ensures cleanliness.
To ensure the safety of our customers, we are particular about everything from the selection of materials to the manufacturing environment to achieve stable and high quality.


Flexibility to handle difficult post-processing

Urethane gel is a difficult material to post-process, but we can provide products in non-standard sizes to meet your needs. If you specify the size to be used, we will cut, punch, or mold the product and ship it immediately.
For special shapes, we can also perform punching using a blade die, so if you create a blade die from a drawing or other data, we can perform irregular shape processing.